Mexican Air

The sight from the plain flying above Mexico.


On the famous square Zocalo stands a giant flag.

Waching Machine

The Dutch Ambassy is located in this building, which is humorously called the 'Waching Machine'.

Fast Food

A fast food-like restaurant in tacos, getting very full pretty cheap.

Flying Mexican

Four Mexican men hanging from a line and making music

Gated Community

In the Gated Community every house is different.

Gated Community (continue)

A house at the gated community under construction.

Gay Parade

In the streets of Mexico City a Gay Parade colored the streets.

The Group

The students and teachers who joined on the study trip.

The Group (again)

The group in their study trip shirts.


The hotel we stayed in during the trip, with an open-air swimming pool on the first floor.


Surching for wannahaves on the market.

Mexican Venice

Colorfull boats guided us through salesman in other boats.

Native Dance

A group of Mexicans performing a native dance.

Personal Security

The police is your best friend?


A view on Teotihuacán fron the Piramid of the Sun.

Piramid of the Moon

The smaller of the two large piramids at Teotihucán.

Piramid of the Sun

The talles of the two large piramids at Teotihuacán, the piramid of the Sun.

Private University

A private university which looks very expensive.

Paseo de la Reforma

Paseo de la Reforma, a very large street with beautifull statues on crossroads.


Important buildings are heavily secured.


The famous smog above Mexico City, which was not often noticable.


Native Mexicans honour Mary.

Tasting Tequila

Here the group is offerd a taste of mezcal and tequila.


The taxis in Mexico City are green and most of them are beetles.


The leader of the group.

Torre Major

The Torre Major is the largest building in Mexico City and is being built by an American company.

Torre Major (continue)

Inside of the Torre Major.

Working on the case

Every day the groups had to work on their case.